Vucciria (historic market in Palermo)

We are entering the millennial side of Palermo, where time has stopped between the colors, smells and flavors of ancient Palermo. Guttuso portrayed this market with its bright colors in one of his most famous paintings and nothing more than his style could have depicted the market of La Vucciria in its daily life. The Vucciria was born in the area of the old port of Palermo, La Cala and was born in a period of Arab domination as a market for meat and spices. Here the goods were easily transported from the nearby port where the boats landed from distant lands.

What does Vucciria mean

The name of this market could, in the first place, suggest that Vucciria is attributable to the confusion of colors and smells that welcome you by turning the market, which in our dialect translates to vucciria (Confusion), but in reality the term vucciria comes from the arabic word buccheria which means butchery, precisely because it was a market where not only spices were sold, but also meat of all kinds.

Perhaps today the market is a bit small, but going to visit it, you will still feel its essence in full.

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